T minus 90 for Windows XP



All I really wanted to say is today it is 90 days until Windows XP goes end of Support. So if you haven’t planned for your migration or if you are late in your migration it is time to speed up now.

Because now you have been running Windows XP in your environment or at home for over a decade, so why should you really upgrade from Windows XP?

There are several reasons of course both technical and non-technical. But the real simple once:

  • Windows XP and Office 2003 will no longer get updates not even critical security updates so the security risk for running XP and Office 2003 is very high and it will be more likely that you will get infected with virus malware, which causes service disruptions and risk of information theft in your businesses. Even if you have a Antivirus.
  • Even if XP is still supported many hardware vendors don’t do drivers for XP so the longer it goes you will eventually run into issues with drivers and applications will not work on your XP Platform.
  • From an innovation, efficiency and security perspective Windows 7/8/8.1 and Office 2007/2010/2013 has many new innovative features for your business to use and to gain benefit of.

If you want to read more about Windows XP and Office 2003 End of Support I have gathered some links below.

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Deduplication with Powershell

On my lab machines I try to enable and run the deduplication feature to save space for my Virtual Machines. I have below listed the commands for my own reference.

Install and enable Deduplication in Windows Server 2012 R2 with Powershell in my case I enable Dedup on volume D: in my example.

To list the jobs that are added runthis command

Start a Deduplication job manually with Powershell

To see the status of whats going on with running Dedup jobs

To see how much Dedup has saved for you simply run


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SCUG.SE Client Gathering


The 10th of January we will follow up our successful 2013 events with a Client Gathering in Stockholm


  • 0900-0915 – Welcome – Stefan
  • 0915-1030 – Wally Mead – Managing Modern Devices with System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager and Windows Intune
  • 1045-1200 – Jörgen Nilsson / Stefan Schörling – Community Treasures
  • 1245-1400 – Wally Mead – Upgrading to System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2
  • 1415-1530 – Mikael Nyström –  Deploying Windows 8.1 in production
  • 1530-1600 – Q&A Wally Mead / Stefan Schörling / Jörgen Nilsson / Mikael Nyström

join us here http://www.eventbrite.com/e/scugse-client-gathering-tickets-8489952677



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Free System Center eBooks









Updated: On the link below I found more Free eBooks to download




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My pre and post installation checklist

After you have done your planning and is about to start installing your environment there are a few things NOT to forget. This is not a complete list but I try to keep this list updated for my own reference and for others and it will change along the road.

Pre Installation

  • Precreate Group for Site System Servers
  • Extend AD Schema
  • Precreate System Management folder and delegate rights to the Precreated Site System Servers Group
  • Precreate Service Accounts and delegate rights
    • Domain Join Account
    • Client Push Account
    • Service Account for Reporting Services
    • Network Access Account
  • Precreate groups used for delegation from the outcome of the planning
  • Set Minimum and Maximum SQL memory usage max ~80% of total Server Memory
  • Size SQL Database and precreate SQL Database for best performance
  • Set recovery for CM and Report databases to Simple
  • Place NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS on drives you dont want CM Stuff on. (Technet Link)

Post Installation

  • Make sure IIS Log are not stored on C:\
  • Delete the IIS Logfiles older x amount of days with scheduled task (Script)
  • Change MIF Size on site server (Post from Garth Jones)
  • Change default client cache size (Script) I normaly set 20GB but watch out for new SSD machins with small disks.
  • Install applicable hotfixes for current release
  • PATCH Client Parameters on Push and OSD
  • Exclude antivirus on site server (Technet Blog Post)
  • Exclude antivirus on clients (Technet Blog Post)
  • Implement SQL Server Maintenance Script (Ola Hallengren SQL Server Maintenance Solution)
  • Configure backup
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