Presenting at TechED North America


Jörgen and I have been selected to present at TechEd North America and it will be a real pleasure to share our thoughts and tools from the Community.

PCIT-B320  Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Community Jewels


Hope to see you there.



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What rights are needed for Domain Join

To set the minimum rights needed for an account to join computers you need to set the following on the OUs you want to join in computers to.

Scope “This object and all child objects”

  • Create Computer Objects
  • Delete Computer Objects

Scope “Computer Objects”

  • Read All Properties
  • Write All Properties
  • Read Permissions
  • Modify Permissions
  • Change Password
  • Reset Password
  • Validated write to DNS host name
  • Validated write to service principle name
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What Configuration Manager CU to install

As System Center Configuration Manager 2012 has been in the game for a while id thought it be worthwhile mentioning what the current levels 2014-01-29 are. *Updated 2014-04-06*

System Configuration Manager 2012 RTM

System Configuration Manager 2012 SP1

System Configuration Manager 2012 R2

Worth mentioning is the upgrade from SP1 to R2, at first there was an issue that the changes introduced in CU3 for SP1 had changes for Pull Distribution Points that where not included in the R2 release. Microsoft corrected this by updating its prerequisite files. So if you do like many others downloads them once and keep them for every install you do you should really download the prerequisite files again and keep doing that on a regular basis or for every install you do. Read more about the SP1 CU3 to R2 issue here.


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Links from our System Center User Group meeting in Stockholm 14/1 – 2014



Here are the links from mine and Jörgens session “Configuration Manager Community Treasures” that we presented at the System Center User Group meeting in Stockholm 14/1 -2014. There are so many great community tools out there, it would be impossible to even find them all even more to list them all.

Thanks to everyone attending for making it a great event and a special thanks to Wally Mead for spreading some Configuration Manager love.


OS Deployment:


Application Management:

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T minus 90 for Windows XP



All I really wanted to say is today it is 90 days until Windows XP goes end of Support. So if you haven’t planned for your migration or if you are late in your migration it is time to speed up now.

Because now you have been running Windows XP in your environment or at home for over a decade, so why should you really upgrade from Windows XP?

There are several reasons of course both technical and non-technical. But the real simple once:

  • Windows XP and Office 2003 will no longer get updates not even critical security updates so the security risk for running XP and Office 2003 is very high and it will be more likely that you will get infected with virus malware, which causes service disruptions and risk of information theft in your businesses. Even if you have a Antivirus.
  • Even if XP is still supported many hardware vendors don’t do drivers for XP so the longer it goes you will eventually run into issues with drivers and applications will not work on your XP Platform.
  • From an innovation, efficiency and security perspective Windows 7/8/8.1 and Office 2007/2010/2013 has many new innovative features for your business to use and to gain benefit of.

If you want to read more about Windows XP and Office 2003 End of Support I have gathered some links below.

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